Green /Black, One Size NK Lanyard AC3582-385

NK Lanyard (Green(AC3582-385)/Black, One Size): Office Products. Quick release, detachable clip with key ring attached. 。 Knit in Jacquard Nike and Swoosh logo 。 Made with satin polyester for added durability. 。 Length: 86 cm 。 Contents: 50% Polyester, 25% POM, 25% Zinc Alloy 。 Keep your keys at hand with the Lanyard. Made with satin polyester, this lanyard is designed to be durable and comfortable. The lanyard includes a key ring that features a quick release detachable clip that is perfect for when you’re on the go. A knit in Jacquard and Swoosh logo keeps you looking fresh and fierce all the time. 。 。 。

Green //Black, One Size NK Lanyard AC3582-385